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Supreme Court Case List

Recent Oral Arguments

Below are listed Supreme Court cases recently up for oral argument.

Click on the Case Title for further details. Oral argument recordings, if available, may be heard or paused by clicking on the respective play or pause button next to the argument date. Oral argument transcripts may be in either PDF or text format. Link to them by clicking on the or images respectively. PDF documents for available opinions can be viewed by clicking on the image.
Recent Oral Arguments Before the United States Supreme Court
#Case TitleDocket No.ArguedDecidedKeywords
DISCLAIMER: We make no claims or guaranties regarding the accuracy or completeness of any information contained herein. Please note that Official Supreme Court caselaw is found only in the print version of the United States Reports.
1FISHER v. UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS AT AUSTIN14-9812015-12-09 0000-00-00Equal Protection Clause,Fourteenth Amendment,racial preferences
2Harris v. Arizona Independent Redistricting Commission14-2322015-12-08 0000-00-0014th Amendment,4th Amendment,Civil Procedure,Eleventh Amendment,Equal Protection Clause,Fifteenth Amendment,Fourteenth Amendment,Fourth Amendment,Miranda,Section 5 of the Voting Rights Act of 1965,Speech or Debate Clause,Supremacy Clause,Voting Rights Act of 1965,disparate impact,judicial review,preliminary injunction,racial discrimination
3EVENWEL v. ABBOTT14-9402015-12-08 0000-00-00Equal Protection Clause,Fourteenth Amendment
4Dollar General Corporation v. Mississippi Band of Choctaw Indians13-14962015-12-07 0000-00-00
6Menominee Indian Tribe of Wisconsin v. United States14-5102015-12-01 0000-00-00Contract Disputes Act,Holland test,Indian Self-Determination Act,equitable tolling,statute of limitations
7MERRILL LYNCH v. MANNING14-11322015-12-01 0000-00-00Section 27 of the Securities Exchange Act 1934,Securities Exchange Act 1934
8GREEN v. DONAHOE14-6132015-11-30 0000-00-00
9MUSACCHIO v. UNITED STATES14-10952015-11-30 0000-00-00
10LUIS v. UNITED STATES14-4192015-11-10 0000-00-00Bill of Rights,First Amendment,Medicaid,Medicare,Sixth Amendment,criminal procedure,preliminary injunction,probable cause,property rights
11TYSON FOODS, INC. v. BOUAPHAKEO14-11462015-11-10 0000-00-00Civil Procedure,Fair Labor Standards Act
12Montanile v. Board of Trustees of the National Elevator Industry Health Benefit Plan14-7232015-11-09 0000-00-00ERISA,equitable relief
13BRUCE v. SAMUELS14-8442015-11-04 0000-00-00
14Shapiro v. McManus14-9902015-11-04 0000-00-00Article I,Voting Rights Act,interstate commerce
15LOCKHART v. UNITED STATES14-83582015-11-03 0000-00-00chapter 11
16TORRES v. LYNCH14-10962015-11-03 0000-00-00ADA,Armed Career Criminal Act,RICO,immigration,interstate commerce,murder
17SPOKEO, INC v. ROBINS13-13392015-11-02 0000-00-00Americans with Disabilities Act,Article I,Civil Procedure,Consumer Protection,ERISA,Employee Retirement Income Security Act,Equal Credit Opportunity Act,Fair Credit Reporting Act,Fair Housing Act,Federal Rules of Civil Procedure,Natural Resources,Privacy Act,Truth in Lending,background checks,copyright,credit reports,immigration,interstate commerce,privacy,property rights,public action,res judicata,statutory standing,willful violation,willfulness
18FOSTER v. CHATMAN14-83492015-11-02 0000-00-00death penalty,habeas,jury selection,murder,patent,probable cause,racial discrimination,res judicata
19Federal Energy Regulatory Commission v. Electric Power Supply Association14-8402015-10-14 0000-00-00ERISA,Federal Energy Regulatory Commission,Federal Power Act,Federalism,IPO
20ENERNOC, INC. v. ELECTRIC POWER SUPPLY ASSOCIATION14-8412015-10-140000-00-00Administrative Procedure,Commerce Clause,Consumer Protection,EPA,Federal Energy Regulatory Commission,Federal Power Act,Fifth Amendment,Internal Revenue Code,Takings Clause,Tucker Act,abuse of discretion,interstate commerce,state jurisdiction
21CAMPBELL-EWALD COMPANY v. GOMEZ14-8572015-10-14 0000-00-00Article I,Civil Procedure,Federal Rules of Civil Procedure,Mootness,res judicata,sovereign immunity
22HURST v. FLORIDA14-75052015-10-13 0000-00-00Eighth Amendment,Sixth Amendment,capital murder,death penalty,harmless error,murder
23MONTGOMERY v. LOUISIANA14-2802015-10-13 0000-00-00AEDPA,Civil Procedure,Due Process,Eighth Amendment,Federal Rules of Civil Procedure,Federal Rules of Evidence,Federalism,Fifth Amendment,First Amendment,Fourth Amendment,Sixth Amendment,Supremacy Clause,death penalty,habeas,habeas corpus,murder
24Kansas v. Jonathan Carr14-4492015-10-07 0000-00-00Confrontation Clause,Due Process,Eighth Amendment,capital murder,death penalty,harmless error,murder
25KANSAS v. CARR14-4502015-10-070000-00-00Confrontation Clause,Eighth Amendment,capital murder,death penalty,murder
26KANSAS v. GLEASON14-4522015-10-07 0000-00-00Eighth Amendment,capital murder,death penalty,murder
27OCASIO v. UNITED STATES14-3612015-10-06 0000-00-00Hobbs Act,Mann Act,harmless error,interstate commerce
28DIRECTV, INC. v. IMBURGIA14-4622015-10-06 0000-00-00Arbitration,Federal Arbitration Act,Supremacy Clause
29HAWKINS v. COMMUNITY BANK OF RAYMORE14-5202015-10-05 0000-00-00ECOA,Equal Credit Opportunity Act,Fair Credit Reporting Act,Fair Housing Act,Truth in Lending
30OBB PERSONENVERKEHR AG v. SACHS13-10672015-10-05 0000-00-00Due Process,FSIA,Foreign Sovereign Immunities Act,sovereign immunity,waiver of sovereign immunity